Elevated design

clean and simple

Taking visual design to a higher level.

design is thinking

made clearly visible

Quality content and originality. That’s what it’s about.
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design That Inspires

clients Love it

To visually enrich your project, that's my goal.
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I deliver designs that provide clients a clear direction. From first drafts to finished product, the approval process for my custom content and unique designs ensures a successful product.

compose & BUILD

I create my compositions to the finest detail. Utilizing the latest design tools and production techniques, I execute a detailed approach to building web and print media to pixel perfection.


Production quality is paramount. I produce the highest achievable product and performance to enhance your branding efforts, boost internet visibility and increase traffic.

My design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, technology and culture.


I'm Lonnie Lopez

Lonnie Lopez

Lonnie is a creative genius when it comes to conceptual design. He quickly understood our goals and immediately created our vision. I can personally say that Lonnie is an asset to any endeavour whether as a consultant or designer in web design and print. He is a man of many creative talents. 

Robert delgado, ghirardelli associates Inc.

We hired Lonnie to be the an online editor for a startup called ZonaZoom. Lonnie brought a great deal of charisma, enthusiasm and creativity to the job and was always a pleasure to work with.

Darla Brown, Chief Product Officer at Owl Insights

He's talented, creative, driven and I learned a great deal from him in the years we worked together. He also happens to be a very generous, caring and all around great person. 

Luis Aguirre, branding & marketing

Lonnie has great experience in graphic design. His ability to see things before they come to life is phenomenal. Lonnie is very organized, always current with new styles and most importantly Lonnie is a man of integrity.

santiago aguilar, Incentive & Experiential  Travel